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  1. MadMover Dec 25, 2012

    merged: 12-15-2013 ~ 10:04pm
    EVA fans check here:

  2. stargem Aug 03, 2010

    can i please join o-o
    gotta love la-la and rito messing up :D

    merged: 11-13-2010 ~ 04:17pm
    has been 14 weeks and im still not a member here, is the group dead?

  3. evelluchia Dec 01, 2009

    hi there im a big fan of to-love-ru i hope i can be of some help and have a good time here

  4. EarthAngel1 Feb 19, 2009

    I hope lala's twin sisters show up if they make a season 2!

  5. Raven83 Oct 31, 2008

    Greetings ~bows to the Admins~ I am the Founder of Anime-Fans-United and we of AFU would like to become affiliates with you. If you would like to check out our group please click on the picture below.

  6. beto00 Oct 24, 2008

    pues veran estoy sumamente molesto con yuki rito por despresiar a lala y quedarse con sairenji aaaaaaaaaa q coraje

  7. EarthAngel1 Oct 10, 2008

    Well after the series ending what are most people final thaughts about the series. of course with no love interest finish that could bring about a season 2 but with things up in the air would most people leave it at that?

  8. meanpunk7777 Oct 01, 2008


  9. EarthAngel1 Aug 05, 2008

    Hopfully we might get to see his true form. what do you think his devil form looks like?

    merged: 08-11-2008 ~ 03:44pm
    Anyone care to wonder why Rito has so much bad luck dealing with Haruna but not Lala. he's likes them both but can only really talk to one of them. what do any of you think?

    merged: 08-17-2008 ~ 04:07pm
    what do any of you think lala's best invention is?

  10. templa Aug 05, 2008

    Yeah Lala's father also reminded me of Dragonball xD Chibi Goku or something like that~

  11. EarthAngel1 Jul 19, 2008

    Glad to be here To-love-Ru is on eof the best i've seen all year. Lala and sairneji are so Kawaii. plus anyone notice that Lala's dad look like something out of the dragon ball series?

    merged: 07-22-2008 ~ 10:58pm
    Anyone ever wonder why Rito just could complete the only way to cancel the wedding? and do you think you've would have been able to?

    merged: 07-26-2008 ~ 03:13pm
    Who's your favorite character? Rito's mine he kinda reminds me of myself a little.

  12. templa May 31, 2008

    gonna watch ep 9 today after getting up ^^

  13. Hasaki-Keissi May 30, 2008

    Ep7 was a hoot. Gonna watch 8 soon.

  14. Devilet May 19, 2008

    I'm going to go watch To Love Ru episode 6 and 7 now, haha.

  15. templa May 16, 2008

    It's okay Devi-chan, no need to do anything in that group. I'll find some time soon and do some changing here.

  16. Devilet May 08, 2008

    Ah, sorry guys.
    Recently I had to take some after school classes this week...
    And next week I start a job, which will be in the evening, lol... Updates I will try my best this weekend.
    Though I already made sooo many plans for this weekend it's crazy! *sigh* Wish it were longer.

  17. 4n0th1n9 Banned Member May 08, 2008

    Good day, to the fans of To Love-Ru, Devilet, and templa mostly, since I don't know anyone else!
    No offense!

    Anyways, stopping by to provide download links to the episodes, and the CM, as well as the RAW for those of you video editors, and some music from the series.

    As usual I sent the links to templa, but even though I sent them to him week or more ago, I see nothing, so Devilet, maybe you can do something?

    Here's the download links for Clannad, and To Love-Ru, I made the archive, and should be simple to read.
    If you want me to personally pm you links instead of downloading this, let me know.


    We all know how busy, and addicted templa is to MT > yeah he is! You can deny it, but truth was revealed!
    lazy too lol!

    Well I haven't seen the series, but if anyone would add the links here included, then I hope it'd be of some help to other members.
    They are hosted on megaupload, because Torrents don't last, sorry gent's I'm not a torrent fan.

    Enjoy, and hopefully next time I log in, there would be an update?!

  18. leonile May 07, 2008

    the anime's plot seem to be different from the manga........
    anyway, I love kotegawa's avatar......
    she's CUTE.......
    and nice scans and art in the gallery........

  19. Hasaki-Keissi May 06, 2008

    Someone please send Bow Wow-kun after templa because he's a lazy admin.

  20. templa May 03, 2008

    lol wth are you talking about me? xD
    Didn't check that log here

  21. Devilet May 02, 2008

    Just watched episode 5, and lol, the dog...

  22. Hasaki-Keissi May 02, 2008

    My sentiments exactly. Ep 5 looks like more gut busting action to me. And I am eagerly awaiting that.

    Well, 2 of us would like to see that vector.

    Just how big of an otaku can he be?

  23. Devilet May 01, 2008

    Added your scans, templa's, and mine.
    You have to be admin of a group to submit the gallery items to the group.
    Basically, you need the gallery number and you put that in the field and submit. The user just has to be a member of your group for it to work~

    Ah, I hope tomorrow I can get to work on that vector, though I have a new artbook I want to scan too, hmm, choices.
    Templa is busy with his new gadgets, damn geeky otaku xD lol

    Hehe, it was hella funny right? I can't wait for episode 5.
    This is why I like To Love Ru, it's so silly sometimes that it's down right hilarious.

  24. Hasaki-Keissi May 01, 2008

    I laughed, I cried, I loved ep 4.

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